quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2007

Enquanto na Europa andam os selvagens antiglobalização por aí em actos de vandalismo...

In The Economist (07/06/2007)
African financial markets are looking more attractive
Africa's financial markets are, at long last, becoming globalised. Low interest rates and saturated financial markets in OECD economies are pushing developed-world investors to look further afield, while the strengthening of African balance sheets (as a result of debt relief), underpinned by booming commodity export earnings and improved macroeconomic management, are making Sub-Saharan markets more enticing. The combination of "push" and "pull" factors is such that, over the next few years, four Sub-Saharan countries—Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia—are expected to issue sovereign bonds in international markets for the first time

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