domingo, 31 de março de 2013

Léon Degrelle (15 Junho 1906 – 31 Março 1994)

Q- How has your life been since the war?
A- I spend my time writing about the war and meeting old friends, and now making new ones. I think that people need to understand that there is always another side to a story. If people in your country had suffered the loss of their families due to a political party that was in conflict with your beliefs, then many of your countrymen may find themselves on the other side. Your American Civil War is a prime example.
Q- What do you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?
Hopefully still writing, as long as my mind is sharp and I can see; always reading books, and wondering at the great changes that have taken place in my lifetime. The collapse of Communism in Europe has proven that we were right; we just needed validation, and now we have it. I think that what we may write is important, but the history as it unfolds will prove who was right, and who was wrong. I never believed in the purging of Jews and civilians in general, and that was not my war. My war was to fight for my country, which would have been an independent partner of Germany in a Communist free Europe. This is only now a reality, but we fought for it fifty years ago all the same.

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