terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Grandes vidas, grandes mestres: GK Chesterton

Uma nota que eu dedico aos denominados "lusófonos" em The Outline of Sanity
There is sense in being separated from Americans on the principles of George Washington, and sense in being attached to Americans on the principles of George the Third.  But there is no sense in being out-voted and swamped by Americans in the name of the Anglo-Saxon race. The Colonies were by origin English.  They owe us that much; if it be only the trivial circumstance, so little valued by modern thought, that without their maker they could never have existed at all. If they choose to remain English, we thank them very sincerely for the compliment.  If they choose not to remain English, but to turn into something else, we think they are within their rights. But anyhow England shall remain English.  They shall not first turn themselves into something else, and then turn us into themselves. It may have been wrong to be an Empire, but it does not rob us of our right to be a nation.

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