sábado, 24 de fevereiro de 2007

Gostava que alguém nos camiões TIR vindouros tivesse em mente algo como isto:

"The Racism of "Diversity"
Thursday, December 11, 2003
By: Peter Schwartz

The notion of "diversity" entails exactly the same premises as racism–that one's ideas are determined by one's race and that the source of an individual's identity is his ethnic heritage.
These circumlocutions translate simply into this: one's race determines the content of one's mind. They imply that people have worthwhile views to express because of their ethnicity, and that "diversity" enables us to encounter "black ideas," "Hispanic ideas," etc. What could be more repulsively racist than that? This is exactly the premise held by the South's slave-owners and by the Nazis' Storm Troopers. They too believed that an individual's thoughts and actions are determined by his racial heritage
Whether a given race receives special rewards or special punishments is immaterial. The core of racism is the notion that the individual is meaningless and that membership in the collective--the race--is the source of his identity and value. To the racist, the individual's moral and intellectual character is the product, not of his own choices, but of the genes he shares with all others of his race. To the racist, the particular members of a given race are interchangeable.
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pequena papoila disse...

Abaixo os racistas, e toda a segregação racial e étnica!


Pedro disse...

Fogo neles, Áurea!